Welcome to The Cushion Art, where we make the process of ordering your customized cushions easy and enjoyable. Follow these simple steps to bring your vision to life and create the perfect cushions for your space.

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Begin your journey by exploring our wide range of products. Navigate through our website to discover an array of cushion shapes and accent pillows. Choose the category that aligns with your needs and preferences.

Select Your Cushion Shape

Dive into customization by selecting your desired cushion shape. Whether you’re looking for a classic rectangle, an L-shape for your sofa, or a unique T-shape for a bench, we offer a variety of options to suit every seating arrangement.

Explore Fabric Options

Our cushions are crafted using premium fabrics, including renowned materials like Sunbrella. Explore our Fabric Collection to find the perfect texture, color, and pattern that complements your style. Click on each fabric to view detailed information and make an informed decision.

Choose Your Accent Pillow

If you’re interested in accent pillows, our customization options allow you to create a unique piece that adds a touch of personality to your space. Customize the dimensions, fabric, and design to match your decor seamlessly.

Select Customization Options

For each product, you’ll find a set of customization options. These may include dimensions, foam firmness, and additional features based on the product type. Tailor these options to your preferences to ensure a perfect fit for your space.

Review Your Order

Once you’ve made all your selections, take a moment to review your order. Confirm that the dimensions, fabric choices, and customization options align with your vision. This step ensures that every detail is tailored to your satisfaction.

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Ready to proceed? Click the “Add to Cart” button to move your customized cushions to the shopping cart. You can continue shopping or proceed to checkout if you’re ready to finalize your order.


At the checkout, provide the necessary information for shipping and payment. Review your order summary to ensure accuracy. If you have a discount code, enter it at this stage. Once everything looks good, proceed to payment to complete your purchase.

Order Confirmation

After successfully placing your order, you’ll receive an order confirmation email with details about your purchase. This email serves as confirmation that your customized cushions are in the process of being crafted.

Sit Back And Relax

Now that you’ve successfully placed your order, sit back and relax. Our skilled artisans will bring your customized cushions to life, and you’ll soon receive a notification when they’re ready to be shipped.

At The Cushion Art, we’re dedicated to making the ordering process seamless, allowing you to create cushions that reflect your style and comfort preferences. If you have any questions or need assistance at any step, our customer support team is here to help.